Who is Leading Edge Training Solutions?

Leading Edge Training Solutions is a collection of experts in virtual learning. We eat sleep and breathe virtual learning and outreach. Our goal is to help the world become a smaller place by connecting people live through the use of technology. We have almost 20 collective years in the training industry. With tens of thousands of hours logged on our craft and the desire to help you achieve your goals, we are very well equipped to meet almost any need.

Travel Less

8/10 of major pharmaceutical companies state that “less time out of territory” is the reason they choose VILT as a part of their blended learning programs.

Fun Fact

Engaging your audience every 5 minutes dramatically increases retention. Let your learners do the work! Turn on the camera and have some fun!

Cut Cost

Virtual Learning with LETS can be a huge cost savings! Most times a full training program will costs less per participant than a plane flight alone!

Save Time

Get important messages & updates out quickly & efficiently! Gain real time feedback from your participants in a way you couldn’t before.

How We Can Help:

Here at Leading Edge Training Solutions we always put the learner first. It doesn’t matter how well the plan is designed if it does not meet learner’s needs we have all lost by a score. With that in mind, customer service is an extremely important part of our business. We pride ourselves in our work. With tens of thousands of hours logged in planning, designing and delivering virtual events of all kinds. Put our experience to work for your next idea.

Our Full Suite of Service Include

  • Consulting

    Strategic – How to Approach, Plan & Implement Virtual Learning
    Training – Design, Plan & Deliver an Event
    Technical – Internet Infrastructure, PC & Mobile Requirements and Onsite & Remote Equipment

  • Onsite/Remote Production

    Our producers have advanced skills in production, videography, audio and computer technology which are put to work on every event

  • Video Roleplay Platform

    • Allows participants to record themselves anytime
    • Managers can coach participants in the moment
    • Used for certification, roleplay and practice
  • Transcription

    Utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimized transcription and translation on your prerecorded videos

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